It is with great pleasure that I announce we are celebrating 25 years of service to the Greater Manchester community. I opened my first office in Manchester (on Broad Street) in November 1989. I’ve had two other offices on East Center Street and have been at our current location, 210 Main Street, since late 1997.

I’d like to thank the wonderful people I work with everyday:

  • My paralegal Leesa (12 years now), who makes coming to work every day a pleasure; as did Dawn (14 years) and Jerry (9 years).
  • The great, conscientious, hardworking loan originators and lenders that trust us to be part of a winning team. Thank you!
  • The great friends we have among the best, hardest working, most caring Realtors serving their clients. Thank you all for your confidence in us and your continued friendship.
  • To our clients – you are our biggest asset. Thank you for allowing us to protect your interests, to fight for you, to make a positive difference in your lives and in our community. I am humbled as I look back at the many thousands of families and businesses that have trusted us and have made my practice successful.

I recognize that my success to date and going forward is only possible through the trust built over many years, the word of mouth from happy clients, the support of the highest quality individuals, entrepreneurs and business people in our community. It is our relationship with all of you that makes my practice fulfilling and prosperous. You (and I mean you) are never alone; you can count on us!

I’ll write again in 25 more years (when I retire). But for now – Thank you for 25 fulfilling years. We look forward to providing you continued great service, as real people.