Eastern Connecticut Foreclosure Lawyers.

Jeffrey T. Walsh & Associates are the leading real estate and foreclosure lawyers serving Andover and Bolton CT. Walsh & Associates PC is a full service real estate law firm serving Tolland County. We offer a broad selection of real estate transactional services, including foreclosures, bankruptcies, and short sales. When you find you are not able to make home mortgage payments in a timely manner, ask for legal assistance right away.

Walsh & Associates will show you all the options available to you, including the use of Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Attorney Walsh will discuss non-judicial workouts and the use of federal courts, including the United States Bankruptcy Court. The Firm has great experience in working with opposing counsel and lenders in reinstating mortgage loans in default. Such reinstatement takes many forms including lump sum payment bringing the loan current, partial payment plus agreement to repay deficiency over time, or, entire deficiency being added at end of loan term.

Today homeowners facing foreclosure have new options available to them. In response to the growing number of mortgage defaults and resulting foreclosures, the State and Federal governments have passed new legislation. We have helped our clients force mediation and/or allow for loan reinstatement, arrange piggyback financing, or refinancing after market value adjustments. Although these programs are constantly changing, Walsh & Associates is well versed in the new workout opportunities currently available. Explore your options Рcall Jeffrey T Walsh & Associates PC.  (860)-649-1700.

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