Whether buying or selling commercial property in Glastonbury CT, choose the most experienced commercial real estate lawyers to represent your interests. Jeffrey T. Walsh & Associates handles every aspect of your real estate legal matter. Commercial transactions are complex and require a knowledgeable legal team with professional relationships in the area.Jeffrey T. Walsh & Associates is a law firm with offices in Manchester and Hebron CT. Walsh & Associates provides full service real estate transactional services, real estate litigation and land use expertise in the Tolland County service area. A real estate attorney prepares documents, reviews documents, works toward resolving contract disputes, conducts title searches, oversees the transfer of deeds and titles, handles the transfer of funds for a purchase, and handles closings.

Real Estate lawyers focus their practice on matters related to property. Your attorney must know the rules and regulations related to real estate transactions. Real estate lawyers handle zoning issues and mortgage fraud, and look into whether a commercial or residential property has a lien or another legal issue. Walsh & Associates will work with individuals and corporations and provides legal guidance for either the buyer or the seller. Attorney Walsh will provide legal representation for either side in a courtroom setting. Hire Walsh & Associates for peace of mind. We carefully review the language in purchase agreements and contracts, ensuring the buyer and seller get exactly what they expect. Attorney Walsh has served the area since 1983. We look forward to meeting you. Call the Hebron CT office at 860-530-1534 or Manchester at 860-649-1700 for a consultation today.

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