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Call the Real Estate Attorneys at The Jeffrey T Walsh and Associates Law firm for legal representation when buying or selling your next property. We have thousands of residential and commercial buyers as well as sellers of real estate in Connecticut. Not only do we explain the procedure and answer your questions, we help draft your purchase contract and will review contracts prepared by others. We are available throughout the process to anticipate all your concerns. As part of your team, we are committed to your satisfaction at every stage of the purchasing, selling and closing process.

What we can do as your Real Estate Lawyer:

  • REO (Real Estate Owned by the bank or lender) and Foreclosed Properties:  When you are purchasing a ‘real estate owned’ or ‘foreclosed’ home, understand what you are getting into. Unless you are experienced, hire a Law Firm that is well versed in Real Estate Law. When a bank fails to sell foreclosure properties at auction, the bank becomes the owner of the foreclosed property. As the bank is not interested in keeping the REO properties on their books, they open up great opportunities for investors. Call the offices of Jeffrey T Walsh & Associates PC for REO representation today.
  • Short Sales: A “short sale” is the negotiated sale of residential real estate for less than full consideration paid to the mortgage holders and/or lienholders. We work with short sale lenders and lienholders, Realtors, Buyers and Buyer’s attorney in advancing such transaction to successful closings. A short sale can avoid a Foreclosure or forced Bankruptcy. It is an option to be considered, however, only with experienced counsel as there are many traps for the unwary.
  • Forestalling Foreclosure/Loan Work-outs: The Firm has great experience in working with opposing counsel and lenders in reinstating mortgage loans in default. Such reinstatement takes many forms including lump sum payment bringing the loan current, partial payment plus agreement to repay deficiency over time, or, entire deficiency being added at end of loan term.

We help our clients through the process of buying, selling or refinancing their home. Attorney Walsh will handle your asset from the moment you contract us until closing. Our job to facilitate a quick, seamless sale. Our service area includes northeastern Connecticut, Hartford County and Tolland County. We can refer you to Realtors, Lenders, Appraisers, Home Inspection Specialists, Independent Insurance Agents, Handymen, and the like. Of course, you need to interview and check out anyone that you work with to establish your own comfort and compatibility level. Again, feel free to call. If you are looking into Foreclosure or REO lawyers to represent you in your next transaction, simply call Jeffrey T Walsh & Associates PC.  (860)-649-1700.


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