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Jeffrey T. Walsh & Associates are your local real estate attorneys in greater Hartford. When you are in the market for a new property or you want to sell, you want the best legal representation available. In Walsh & Associates, you will find an experienced team of real estate lawyers on your side. Walsh & Associates is a full service real estate firm offering a broad selection of real estate transactional services and representation.

Attorney Walsh offers representation for REO (real estate owned) properties. You have no doubt heard of the incredible opportunities available purchasing foreclosures and REO Properties for pennies on the dollar. When you are purchasing a ‘real estate owned’ or ‘foreclosed’ home, understand what you are getting into. Foreclosure and REO (Real Estate Owned by the lender/bank) are terms describing different conditions. The bank tries to sell foreclosure properties in at auction. Most foreclosure auctions do not even result in bids. Failure to find a prospective buyer, the bank becomes the owner of the foreclosed property, now an REO. As the bank is not interested in keeping the REO properties on their books, they open up great opportunities for investors.

We help our clients through the process of buying, selling or refinancing their home. Attorney Walsh will handle your asset from the moment you contract us until closing. Our office can facilitate a quick, seamless sale. Our service area includes northeastern Connecticut, Hartford County and Tolland County. If you are looking into REO lawyers to represent you in your next transaction, simply call Jeffrey T Walsh & Associates PC at (860)-649-1700.

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